I believe all of us have a special gift or an art that we are here to express and offer to the world. For some of us, this may be singing, for others, it may be being a CEO of a company, and yet for others it may be being the best professional in their field e.g. accounting, law, sport, medicine, marketing, coaching etc. This gift/art may evolve and/or take different shades as you move through different stages of life, but the overall theme could still be the same. 

For me, at the macro level I believe my gift is along the lines of “helping others to be even more successful and fulfilled in their personal and professional lives”. At the more professional level, I believe my purpose and/or gift is to “inspire and empower leaders and their teams to the highest levels of success and fulfilment.”  Whether it’s a chance encounter with a friend or a planned and paid experience, I know I feel more joy, more energy and more inner fulfilment if I genuinely feel that even in some small minuscule way, I have shared and/or expressed my gift. 

I fully realise that even though every word in the above statement has meaning and significance for me, for others it’s nothing more than a set of generic words strung together!

I believe in order to express more and more of your gift/art everyday, there are 4 laws at play that you need to honour and continually benchmark your progress against.

1. Law of Enjoyment 

 …is that you cannot be fulfilled long-term unless you are doing what you love and loving what you do. Therefore, the key question to explore is:  

Am I fully turned on in what I do and how I do it?  

2. Law of Relevance 

 …is that for you to continually be relevant to your market place, you must constantly be learning, growing and evolving. Therefore, the key question to explore is:

 Am I getting better fast enough in my field?

 3. Law of Movement 

 …is that for you to even have the chance to express your gift, you need to have an audience. Therefore, the key question to explore is:

Am I seeing enough people AND fast enough to get people to say “Yes” to what I have to offer? 

4. Law of Value 

 …is that for you to be sustainably successful, you need to be adding obscene levels of value to the constituents you serve. Therefore, the key question to explore is:

Am I creating raving fans for the work I do? 

 As you reflect on the above 4 laws, I leave you with some questions: 

  • How are you tracking on each of these 4 laws?  
  • If there was one of the laws you need to ramp up, which one would it be for you? 
  • What could you do to generate more traction? 

In closing, no matter what your gift is, you can be confident that the world needs it, and you owe it to yourself and the world to live it out as fully as you can!