Dear Leaders, 

We are in a never-seen-before situation that is very challenging for all of us, both personally and professionally. 

In this unprecedented period, you are shouldering even more responsibility than many of us who are not in that position. You are juggling so many demands from so many different constituents and stakeholders.

We acknowledge you and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

You are also dealing with a great deal of uncertainty. In these dynamic times, it can be hard to know what’s the right thing to do. And we know your intentions are pure and you are doing the best you can.

Again, thank you for taking on that responsibility on our behalf. 

At the risk of being demanding in such a tough environment, we have 7 requestsWe believe these will serve you, us and the situation even better. 

It is very likely that you’re already doing what we have outlined below – thank you again. 

AND can we please challenge you to take it to another level…


1. Please stay calm and centred


  • when you do, we feel assured and empowered 
  • when you are not, we all feel the impact; it creates even more confusion, frustration and uncertainty 


2. Please stay cohesive as a Leadership team


  • when you are, we can be more purposeful in our actions 
  • when you’re not, we become siloed and therefore dysfunctional  


3. Please don’t create unnecessary work


  • prioritise ruthlessly 
  • pivot the work in a manner that balances both the urgent actions required at this time AND the most important work that we already had planned

4. Please involve us in co-creating solutions  


  • we want to share your burden
  • we have skills to offer


5. Please tell us what you CAN tell us 

Because in an uncertain environment… 

  • having some certainty in our professional world helps 
  • knowing what you don’t know is better than silence

6. Please use simple and direct language 


  • it makes it easier for us to understand and act
  • it reduces our brain overload


7. Please keep us all connected  


  • we are still a team, regardless of how we are working now 
  • we are all in this together

Again, thank you. For being our leader. 

– From the People You Lead