RAJEEV DEWAN is an international best-selling author, inspirational speaker, and peak performance coach to senior executives and their teams.

His basic thesis: most organisations barely touch the true potential of their people. This theme has driven Rajeev’s approach to all his work.

For the last two decades, his mission has been to discover, create and share “nuggets of practical wisdom” that unleash the full passion and potential of individuals and teams. The results: cohesive teams with clarity, mojo and execution-obsession that produce breakthrough results. Rajeev has partnered with Fortune 500 companies and Entrepreneurs to create immediate and sustainable impact by influencing shifts in mind-set, skill-set and tool-set.

His style is best described as: Energetic, Engaging and Experiential. An expert in creating “raw and real” environments, he moves people from “Awareness-to-Acceptance-to-Action-to-Accountability” in the most direct manner. Whether doing a one-hour keynote or leading multi-day experiences, he is passionate about creating tangible results that are not just obtainable in the moment, but are sustainable over a longer term.

Rajeev’s background is the portrait of a high-achieving citizen of the world. Having lived more than a decade each in the U.K., India and Australia, he has experienced the best of East and West. Graduating with First Class Honours in Computing Science from Imperial College, University of London, he served 14 years in senior roles at Accenture, a Global Management Consulting firm. He is a graduate from the Harvard Kennedy School in Adaptive Leadership. 

His charity, Making a Difference (MaD), has donated to worthy causes around the globe. He lives with his family in Sydney, Australia.