You have an important event coming up and you want a keynote speaker, someone who can both inspire and empower your audience. Or perhaps, you want to skill your workforce around tackling common business challenges, but not by sending 100s of people to a two day course, but instead providing them with just-in-time skilling in an hour.

Rajeev is an international keynote speaker and has spoken to thousands of international audiences. He speaks on topics that he believes are critical to creating greater success and fulfilment both at work and at home.

All his talks share the same organising principles namely:
• Intent – to create lasting value beyond just the hour
• Focus – laser-in on the vital few principles and practices that really make the biggest difference
• Method – use of real-world examples and stories and chunking of content into simple-yet-powerful frameworks that allow easy recall and use
• Experience – fun and energetic, with high degree of audience participation

The topics he speaks on include:


The Four Imperatives of High Performance Teams
Most work in organisations happens in teams. Yet there are very few teams that really becoming high performing. Why is this so? What can be done? In this talk, Rajeev unpacks the four imperatives that all high performing teams share, and how you can bring these to life for your team and become a winning team.

50+ Ways of Making Meetings at-least 50% Better
Too many meetings? Too many boring and ineffective meetings? Too many meetings that serve no purpose? Too many meetings that leave you frustrated? Unfortunately, vast majority of people answer yes to each of these questions. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Meetings are in fact at the heart of high performance collaboration in every competitive organisation. In this talk, Rajeev shares both the shifts in mindset we need to make, together with powerful practices that can increase the value and satisfaction from every meeting by at-least 50%.

Increasing Employee Engagement – Practical DIY Strategies
According to a recent Gallup study, over 80% of the Australian workforce are not fully engaged, costing businesses over $33 billion every year. Most organisations invest lots of effort, energy and money to drive higher engagement within their workforce and yet fail to achieve the desired results. In this talk, Rajeev turns this issue on its head and offers practical inside-out insights that can make a real difference quickly.


Difficult Conversations – How to make them easier and productive?
Whether at home or at work, we know we need to have these. They seem difficult and also create a degree of anxiety. Yet we know they are necessary. So, is there a way to overcome our anxiety and make these conversations easier and more productive? In this talk, Rajeev shares his simple-yet-powerful 7 step system on how to do exactly that.

Beyond Goal Setting to Goal Achieving
Setting goals is a way of life for individuals, teams and organisations. But achieving the goals you set is a different matter. Very few in reality are able to move beyond the setting of goals to actually achieving them. What is the difference that makes the difference? In this talk, Rajeev shares his Accelerated Goal Achievement Formula, one that guides you to set the right goals in the first place and to massively increase the chances of achieving the goals you set.

Emotional Mastery
The emotional states we habitually live in determine the quality of our personal and professional lives, both in the moment and in the long term. And yet most people don’t really know how to take control of their state of mind, independent of what is happening in their world and/or the external environment. In this talk, Rajeev shares pragmatic and practical strategies to not only master your emotions, but also to influence those around you.