Accelerated Value Creation : Compressing months into days


As a leader, you know that to win in today’s climate, you must move with speed. You cannot afford to take months and years to make progress on things that matter the most, including:

  • Crystallising your vision and strategy
  • Building robust ready-to-cascade-and-execute business plans
  • Building high performing teams
  • Aligning and inspiring your workforce
  • Solving complex adaptive challenges
  • Setting up your projects and programs to win, from Day 1

To accelerate progress on what matters most, you have a need to bring together groups of individuals (from 10 to 100s) for extended periods, anything from half a day to several days. You also know that taking people out of their day-2-day is a significant undertaking as there’s always a lot going on and everyone is busy. Plus, many see off-sites as a waste – previous experiences haven’t been good.


So what do you do?

You can do it by yourself or you can partner with an external facilitator. But given the high stakes, you don’t just want someone to help you set the agenda and facilitate a smooth event. You want someone to help you get you a massive ROI; someone who:

  • Sits alongside with you to uncover the real purpose and what’s most important to achieve
  • Creatively explores possibilities and co-designs with you
  • Plans immaculately before the event, but is 100% adaptable on the day

Above all, you want someone who cares as deeply as you do and wants this to be a catalytic experience that pushes the ball forward…..big time.


This is where Rajeev can help.

Rajeev’s expertise is in designing and facilitating events that enable groups to achieve in days what would typically take several months and years. In the past 15 years, Rajeev has facilitated hundreds of catalytic experiences with diverse audiences from boards to CEO’s and their teams to teams on the coal face. Having been an executive himself, he understands common business challenges and speaks the language. This is coupled with his deep knowledge of human psychology and group dynamics knowledge that enables him to unlock the diversity and wisdom of large groups. He approaches facilitation as both a science and an art, which allows him to be meticulously structured yet adaptable at the same time. And all of this combined with his respectful-yet-bold style makes him very effective for leaders who want to tackle complexity with speed.