A direct path to success and fulfillment in your

personal and professional life

For millions of people worldwide who strive to lead outstanding lives, these are confusing times. We can learn from a dizzying array of historical and modern thinkers, but we’re so bombarded by competing theories that it’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t.

That’s the beauty of Be. Do. Live. From a world of possibilities, it identifies the few, critical ideas that have the power to transform your lifeBe. Do. Live. synthesizes the best thinking on the subject of personal growth and achievement and provides readers with a catalyst for taking action, along with a simple plan for getting immediate results.

You’ll quickly learn to:

  • Create a compelling vision for your life, one that truly inspires you
  • Identify precisely what’s stopping you from sustainable success
  • Establish your shortest path to enduring success and fulfillment
  • Act on the vital few strategies that will make the biggest difference RIGHT NOW

Designed to help you leverage what you learn, you can review any one chapter and experience significant progress, or you can read the whole book for exponential results.


Rajeev Dewan’s

Be. Do. Live.

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Ageless Wisdom Meets Modern Know-how in a New Action Plan for Lasting Success.